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3 months at the Studio

A few words with our business developer.

Three months have passed since Olivier joined our team to make us take advantage of his business-oriented experience. We asked him some questions about his vision of our creative agency.

Twodesigners: Hi Oli, you joined us for 3 months, how do you feel about that? Is the team welcoming? (Editor’s note: Oli doesn’t already have a personal desktop but we’re working on it.)  

Oli: Hi, already 3 months ?! Wow time is running so fast! Normal when you enjoy your job, the team and the magic customers we met. It’s really funny, because the team is so small and at the same time so professional. People believe that we are 20, but there are only 5 magic people in the team for the moment. For me it’s a bit crazy and I think we can be proud of it. That means we’ll be able to make much more as the team will grow. Of course there’s also a lot of external people and partners very important in the success of our projects. We’re glad to be able to get them involved!

Twodesigners: As said, you’re the business-oriented profile we missed, can you tell us a bit more about your job here?

Oli: I’m basically in charge of business development and project management. But in fact, I’m trying to help the team to organize everything and create some easy process to save time. Then I can still play with Excel! (Editor’s note: Olivier is a kind of Excel ninja and we’re starting to discover the power of this visually unfriendly tool.). But Jon and Rodrigue allow me to use also different software like Basecamp, Dropbox, …

Twodesigners: How is it to switch from an international company like Ice-Watch to a smaller organization like ours?

Oli: For me it’s funny that for many people Ice-Watch is a big and international company, in fact it’s an international company but a medium in terms of human resources. Also I was there before Ice-Watch, then I saw the growth of the company, then I try to copy what we did in Bastogne here in Liège. The needs of small companies are always the same, then I can help to avoid mistakes, save time and organize.

Twodesigners: About that point, what was the motivations of your choice to join us? Did your brain or heart played the biggest role in your decision?

Oli: My choice? It was not easy, but sometimes you need to listen to your heart! Rodrigue and Jonathan (founders of Twodesigners) are very close friends since more than 15 years and we always said as a joke that it was time to work together and combine all of our experiences. Then it’s time, let’s do it!

Twodesigners: You’re a friend before a partner, what’s the key to make it work in your opinion?

Oli: Be honest and say what we have to say. We never hide anything from each other. We have our private life, but honesty is the key! The second one is the respect. We respect the man but also the point of view and the vision.

Twodesigners: What about Twodesigners in 5 years in your mind?

Oli: In 5 years, I hope… No, I’m confident that we will still have the same behavior (Management as a good father of a family). The team will be a little bit bigger, but for us the goal is to meet crazy customers with crazy and impossible projects. We are a make it happen agency, then if in 5 years we can still help companies to create their dream… We win!

Twodesigners: A last word?


Twodesigners: Thank you Olivier, we’re glad to get you on board!


A few words with our business developer









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