The graphic wall of La Chappelle is a graphic tribute in memory of a past well known party place in Liège.


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Graphic wall La Chapelle

Graphic tribute to the good old days

Hugues Danze by Germain Ozer_Twodesigners

Hugues Danze remembers well the mythic parties, he’s now pushing La Chappelle into its new innovation challenge.

Well known by people aged between 40 and 50, La Chapelle has been one of the major nightlife spots in Liège. Turned into a creative hub for startups, La Chapelle is on its way to bringing the local entrepreneurship to the next level. That’s how we joined the project and created a wall painting design. More than a graphic reflection, for this project, we tried to go back to the original story of this place in order to turn of this revival into a tribute. We also wanted people to relate to this graphic timeline which is why we added some details that refer to the 80s or the 90s.





Graphic design


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