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Nest Office – Office design

Multi tools open space for startups.

Mont Saint Guibert - Axis Park - Nest'UP: Olivier Verbeke - directeur de Nest'up (incubateur d'entreprises)

Olivier Verbeke is the captain onboard, we collaborate on Nest to meet everything was needed. Portrait by JC Guillaume.

The Nest is a creative space that hosts Nest’up, the program that helps promoting startups. In collaboration with Olivier Verbeke, the site manager, we imagined an open space based on the exchange and the creativity. It was conceived to foster innovation and teamwork.

Our desire was to create a space that reflected the dynamism of the startups and that would meet their needs and not the opposite. The space has been divided into modules. Each of them establishes a coherent and functional whole. The progress of the idea was our guideline.Each module has been designed to make of this idea the central point of the process and to make it grow.

The space is divided into different areas: the forum, the creative space, the open space, the lounge and the meeting rooms. The idea travels through these areas on removable plates that hang on the walls of each space. Finally, a kitchen and a relaxation area provide the full autonomy of the place and the well-being of its users.







Interior design // Graphic signage