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It was while on an Erasmus course in Italy that the idea of a joint, professional adventure was born. So, yes! It has been more than 15 years since we have been sharing our stories and working together. Graduates in Design, we wanted to create Twodesigners, the desire to be able to express ourselves freely as creatives, while carrying off projects that we feel great about. And we are well aware that two heads are better than one, especially when you are getting on…

2002 was thus the start of business: at the time, they were two students, now they are Twodesigners.

We love to take on a challenge and any off-the-wall projects. Challenges do not faze us, we will always try to rise to them. And that is our trademark in a nutshell. 

What we do

From day one, Twodesigners has placed a lot of emphasis upon the exchange of, encounters with and completion of themes that inspire us and that we have mastered: space planning, staging, the brand’s image. Twodesigners will immerse you in its universe and share with you its values, culture and experience in service of your challenge to take you one step further on, maybe two or three. 

Our ideas may have evolved, but Twodesigners’ soul has stayed the same: humane, persevering, ready for anything. We offer you our services, with the promise of our expertise. 

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Small team, big hearts and big dreams
Twodesigners was founded by a group of friends, where the human dimension is centre stage. We are a team of anti-heroes, designers, architects, interior designers, graphic designers, scenographers and managers, in the service of a sole and common goal; your project. Multi-disciplinary and passionate, there is no question - you will adore us!
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    Honvoh Co-fondateur et associé
    Directeur de Création

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    Strouwen Co-fondateur et associé
    Directeur de Création

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    Vanbrabant Associé
    Directeur commercial

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    Lombardo Architecte d’intérieur & Scénographe

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    Brehier Graphiste

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    Honvoh Architecte

Why not you as well?

We treat our apprentices and staff members well, we nurture them fully and never expect them to work for more than 14 hours per day. We speak French, English, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian, so do not hold back from sending us your portfolios.


How we do what we do

Vague ideas, unclear objectives, tight budgets and unsustainable delays constitute the ground rules that our clients set for us. But don’t panic! We counter them with passion, immersive experiences, quality designs, precision, rigour, quirky inspiration and above all, with a tinge of madness, signed, Twodesigners.

From the design stage to completion, we will undertake the interior design, the graphic design, the scenography and the design with a quirky and innovative approach. The result? Custom-made and personalised creations which put the user at the heart of the project.  

Our job is our passion, unless it’s actually the other way round.

Whether your project is out of the ordinary, imaginative, wacky or clueless, we are there to take you by the hand – sorry, not to go dancing – but to lead you into the passionate universe of Twodesigners.

From your project proposal through to its completion, we roll up our sleeves to offer a design that is brimming with quality. We put heart and soul into our work to pledge you functional interiors. Given that aesthetics gladden our souls, there is nothing more beautiful than when it works, responding to requirements and expectations.“;”Twodesigners revolves around a methodology by phases: analysis, sketching, pre-project, monitoring and execution, project management and a dash of grim humour, of course.  

Thanks to the latter, the client plays the part in each case of participant and decision-maker, we transform the dream concept into a realistic project, while still keeping a close eye on costs and timescales.

Twodesigners prizes ideas, such as creativity, a people-first approach, common sense, adapting, originality and completing the professional management with all due diligence.

People matter
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And yourself?

Does your project consist of the designing and/or planning of one or more offices, a store, a restaurant, a bar, a showroom, a TV studio or a stand?

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Facing challenges? That’s what we do! Our team of anti-heroes is here to help you complete your projects. With us, any project, once started, is seen right through to the end!

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