Interior design

To successfully set up a company cafeteria, there is first of all a reflection to be had, but above all a desire to create a space where users feel good, where the space is beautiful and comfortable, but also practical in its daily use. It is on the basis of this observation that the Bemac company, Belgian designer, manufacturer and installer of fire detection systems since 1973 and its Managing Director, Thierry Jongen, decided to call on our antiheroes team.

Getting support from an interior design agency was therefore obvious to them when it came to setting up their cafeteria.

It was therefore necessary to be able to give an original touch to this space while keeping the team spirit very strong within Bemac.

In short, feel good there! Challenge met !

To each his own type of seating!

The kitchen section incorporates several functions and therefore allows different uses depending on the time of day or the number of people present in the space.


A small informal meeting around the large custom-designed table?


Why not !

The cafeteria has been divided into several spaces (kitchen, high stools, benches, chairs, sofa and divan) by wooden trellises entirely designed to measure and which also allow to integrate plants in order to make the space even more cozy.

Special attention has also been paid to lighting and brightness in this space where you can meet, discuss, eat, celebrate a birthday or even organize a small speech with a screen for presentations or watch the matches of football world cup !

Promote exchanges

Next to the training and meeting rooms a small informal coffee and discussion area has been designed by our interior designer team to provide everything you need for coffee and drinks.

The whole in a custom-made furniture with a surprising color.

Thierry Jongen - Bemac