Eyewear optician

Verviers, Liège

For its 125m2, M. Daout, an optician who already owns 2 optical shops in Verviers and Spa, decided to call on Atelier h Architecture and Twodesigners. The interior design and architecture agency has once again accepted with great pleasure the challenge to design the shop in collaboration with Lydie Hertay.

Since Frédéric Daout’s first two stores were already established, clean and with a well-established work routine, Twodesigners had to keep this side in mind in its interior design.

During the first meeting between Twodesigners, Atelier h Architecture and their new client, Mr Daout expressed his desire to create a new optical store concept. The desire was to break the sometimes too medical codes of optics and to slide towards a concept more “fashion” and “friendly”.

The interior design agency has therefore worked very closely with Lydie Hertay, an architect with whom Twodesigners has worked in the past. It was necessary to define a project that would respect the 70′ architecture of the building, and that would also propose a creative twist to reach a new audience.

The definition of this new concept was accompanied by the development of the store’s graphic identity. It is, therefore, a global mission of interior design and graphic intervention for Twodesigners, very happy to take up the challenge.

Outstanding precision

To meet the needs of the customer and bring a touch of originality that would break the codes of a simple optical store, Twodesigners has redefined the user experience. The idea was to give the visitor autonomy, which can circulate in the space designed to be able to have access to all the displays and windows and to try the glasses at the sandstone of his desires. Visitors, of course, retain the opportunity to request and acquire the expertise and experience of Monsieur Daout and his team.

The interior design agency imagined the heart of the project based on a large counter with a strong identity, to welcome visitors. This custom-made furniture suggests a laboratory area just behind, which offers the balance between service and technique at the optician Daout.

In terms of the materials used in the design of the space, the anti-hero team wanted to combine noble materials with character, such as the floor in Terrazo, the tiled counter with a little rough ceramic, wood with metal inserts; facing simpler materials, polycarbonate, lacquered corrugated sheets… This association gives a beautiful visual balance to the layout!

A singular universe

The association between Twodesigners and l’Atelier H team gave a precise project with a strong but not pretentious identity.
A new concept ready to go!

The Daout 2 SEE’s team