Verviers, Liège

Far from the strict image of traditional optical stores, 2SEE advocates a young, serene and accessible concept. 

Frédéric Daout, project promoter, called on Twodesigners for a double mission: the layout of his store and the conception of a new brand identity for his new concept. 

The challenge? Finding the balance between a showy graphic design and the sobriety, which is necessary in a professional optical service.

The logo was built with very clear contrasts between shadow and light and plays with the perception of volume and its reflection. 
To bring personality and softness to the brand image, the black and white are shaded by a pistachio green, which will be found in the store layout as well.
The typography used to write information is the one employed by opticians to detect sight problems.  
Sobriety and elegance
The brand identity is enhanced with patterns using the “2” with some volume and with gradient dots to accentuate the effect of the grey perspective, from lighter to darker. 
A play with English quotes displayed in the frames will complete the brand style guide. The idea is to pick some quotes, such as the “To be or not to be” from Shakespeare, and make them suit the 2SEE shop.  

Thinking about the brand identity at the same time as the layout to create a global and finished project is rewarding for Twodesigners. The whole team is proud of the complete result, of such a strong concept, as much in the layout as in the communication. 

A unique and innovating concept

Twodesigners imagined all the aspects of the concept: the changes go as far as creating the graphic identity of the part dedicated to sunglasses.

Illustrations in the same style as the rest of the project show in a fun way a summer-like atmosphere.