Liège, Belgium

The fruit of a collaboration, cemented by the friendship that binds them and their common desire to immerse themselves totally in their respective, artistic universes, “Metamorphosis”, imagined by Twodesigners (Rodrigue Strouwen, Nicolas Masson and Jonathan Honvoh), Mike Latona and David Widart for “Les Brasseurs”, devoted themselves from the outset to their view of a monumental installation, conceived for one space and its many recesses and, in this regard, radically differentiating itself from a classic exhibition based upon a single discipline.

The Metamorphosis exhibition revamps from top to bottom not only the customary perceptions that we have while visiting any place dedicated to art, but also transforming the architectural perspectives of the latter, by inviting, furthermore, the spectator to become a stakeholder and actor in the universe that he discovers.

The spectator as an actor.

“Metamorphosis” straddles genres, blending styles, where design, photography, videos, painting, drawing, object design and the infinite resources of information technology (mapping, VJing) intersect.

Where am I and what am I seeing? Staircases fading away? A table talking to me? A shack? A labyrinth? A majestic tree? A moving fresco? Sounds, noises and colours? My silhouette going in front of me? My shadow disappearing?

What am I seeing?

This is about an appeal back to the marvels and delights of childhood, a long, poetic, interactive and playful stroll.