Herstal, Belgium

30 years ago, Claude Buzon revolutionized the world of terrace support systems by founding Buzon Pedestal International.
The family grew bigger since then: surrounded by his children Laure and Laurent, it’s no less than four generations of terrace studs that came to life.
After the analysis and the recommandation, we found out, with the client, the layout that would match their needs and their way of working.
For the sketching of the furniture, we had carte blanche from the client.
He asked us to have a special focus on the kitchen, because for them, it’s a place for sharing, exchanging and celebrating.
For the rest, we wanted to create a warm and friendly space while respecting the budgeterial constraints tied to the project.
Indeed, during the project we had to reduce the intervention to a single floor for budgeterial reasons. That led us to make choices in our interventions and keep only what is truly necessary to the office functionality.
Bay windows to let the space breathe
We worked with wood to bring wamrth to the office. Some walls were dressed in liège in order to be able to hang some notes on it. We chose to put forward a friendly and functional ambience for this workspace.
Tone on tone furniture to make it original

It’s a project we enjoyed working on, for a simple but efficien result.