Bruxelles, Belgium

Located in Schaerbeek in the city of Brussels in Belgium, Cefora is an institute of free formations that has for goal to help collaborators from companies to be more happy and efficient in their worklife.

For their 1500m², Cefora decided to solicit Twodesigners, professional interior architecture agency, which has the habit to take on new challenges. Olivier Lambert’s team needed a new layout for their workplace. One of the main objectives of the collaboration between Cefora and Twodesigners was to deisgn an interior that could welcome between 50 and 80 users.

La demande principale de l’équipe de Cefora était de donner envie à tous les collaborateurs de venir travailler au sein du bureau central plus régulièrement, en leur offrant un environnement de travail ergonomique, cosy et inspirant.
L’intégration d’espace de réunion pour les équipes ainsi que des salles de formations polyvalentes et créatives étaient également une partie de la réflexion de départ.
En partant de ce constat, l’équipe de Twodesigners a imaginé, dessiné et travaillé un espace ralliant esthétisme, fonctionnalité et confort. Les collaborateurs de Cefora sont heureux de pouvoir profiter de leurs nouveaux bureaux à la fois très agréables et à la pointe de la modernité.
Luminous and aired open spaces.

The space of the new Cefora office being consequantly big, Twodesigners called thir-parties to ensure an expertise in all domains and all phases of the project’s progression. Our team of interior architects and designers worked with a general entrepreneur, a engineer’s agency as well as a coordinator for weekly reunions.

The acoustic of the place was an aspect of the layout that was studied and thought through a lot. It was important to focus on creating something that was flawless. This is an hidden part of the expertise of Twodesigners that also provides a technical mastery in all of their projects.

Technicity is key, but that’s not all ! The antihero team then used their brain to present aesthetic, natural and changeable layouts to Cefora, in the big interior space.

For many parts of the layout, we used wood and felt, to give it a welcoming and motivating atmosphere. Also we chose to set up two vegetal walls, to give the space a cosy and natural ambience, which is pleasing to the collaborators coming to work every day at Cefora.
For the graphic side of the space of Cefora, Twodesigners used reinjected wood, including for the signage support of the door’s plaques. Playful and colorful typographical animations on the theme of leanring were added for a studious ambiance but relaxed at the same time, a point that Olivier Lambert and his team really wanted to reflect in their space.
Meeting spots to change the world, all together.
Collaborators could find their place from the first days of the opening of the new office of Cefora. The spots for discussing, helping eachothers, working with colleagues were used and appreciated right away.
With all the objectives reached, it’s a new succesful mission for Twodesigners !