Nyuko is an entity that provides advices, coaching and formations for entrepreneurs. Located within the Chambre of Commerce of Luxembourg: The House of Entrepreneurship, they were looking for professionals to layout their office and differenciate their own space from the rest of the building. Nyuko then decided to ask Twodesigners if they could take on that challenge!

For the Nyuoko’s office layout, we had some prerogatives to respect. Our antihero team of designers and interior architects had to create a space that was unique to Nyuko, while perfectly integrating the space to conceive with the other offices of the Chambre of Commerce of Luxembourg.

Nyuko also wanted singular spaces to gather together, as well as a room that could allow the preperation of reunions, brainstormings and conferences…


Nuyko's identity everywhere in the place

In an area of around 250m², the client wanted to keep the essence of his identity throughout the whole space of his new office. In the layout, one can find colors such as pink, red, bordeaux, orange, green and blue. A delight to the eyes!

We went with those colors to create a friendly and warm space, also attractive and dynamic; matching the image of the Chambre of Commerce of Luxembourg, but also the image of Nyuko and their mission to help the entrepreneurs.

Twodesigners was keen to meet the demand of the client fair and square, and the challenge was dealt with in perfect coordination. The designers from Liège wanted to stay open to the remarks of their client during the creation of the space. The team at Nyuko was very satisfied with their new office, which means Twodesigners is also very satisfied!

Colors at the image of Nyuko

We simply and purely met the demands of the client, and we’re very happy with this project of office layout!