City store

Liège, Belgique

In Liège, everyone can tell where Decathlin city is, near the Saint-Lambert place. Some parts of the store and its 700m² were rethought  by the team at Twodesigners. The interior layout was essentially focused on the complete recreation of the sport hall, the shopwindows, the displays at the entrance and the corridors leading to the lockers.

The big challenge was to make this world reknown company into a single shop, with its own identity. Decathlon city wanted to detach itself and show its investment in the city of Liège, as well as in its clients and visitors.

We had to rebrand Decathlon a bit and offer an offset graphism, sided with original furnishing. We aced it first try, the idea directly pleased the decision makers!


Lighting adapted to the space design

During the planning, we had to offer excellent technicity and complementarity to the place. All the furniture had to be modular and able to follow the permanent transformations of the layout of the shop. It was necessary for the sport hall to be able to transform into a conference room and into a meeting room too.

The furniture has been optimized to transform the space: everything is on wheels! We also added pouffes and folding tables hidden in the stands, to offer as much facility in the transformation as possible.

Also, the shelves have been designed for their main usage, storing useful objects for sport, but they can also be used for cross training exercices. For example, hang, hook and pull rubber bands.

Finally, the sport hall graphism was designed to organise and position the furniture for reunions or presentations.


It was obvious that we had to keep the famous Decathlon’s blue in our planning. So we associated this color with different materials to come up with an original and worked result. We used painted and stratified wood, powdercoated and welded metal, tailored lighting to offer optimal lighting, as well as stickers.

These choices give the space a warm atmosphere that show a certain friendliness to the visitors and to the clients of Decathlon.

Click and collect system

The challenge around this interior layout of Decathlon city of Liège was a great success for the team of Twodesigners. We are happy to be able to display this project that took less than two months for everything: from scratch to the end result.


Arnaud, leader of Decathlon City Liege