Le Thème

Liège, Belgium

Le Thème (The Theme),  famous restaurant in Liège, located in the dead-end of “la couronne”, perpandicular to the Hors Château street in the centre of Liège, changes its theme ! Every two years, the restaurant changes to a new decor and a new atmosphere, something that will delight the visitors looking for a unique and romantic break!

This time, and for the first time, Michel Bebelman and his team chose Twodesigners, a creative professional interior layout agency, to make the restaurant into a place truly out of this time. It was necessary to suggest a theme that met the expectations of the restaurant’s team. Twodesigners had to imagine something that could be unique, beautiful and never seen at the same time.


The moon dreamers' forgotten laboratory

What theme did we choose? The moon dreamers’ forgotten laboratory. The team at Twodesigners didn’t hesitate to stress out the poetic and dreamy side in the restaurant layout. It was needed to reflect the values and desires of the chef and owner, Michel Bebelman. Twodesigners made it a warm layout, and fully immersive in an astral and mysterious universe. Coming into Le Thème, is stopping time and dive into a stary atmosphere.

The Twodesigners’ team started from scratch, we rethank and considered many possibilities, till we found the perfect match. We even took out the old decor and then rearranged Le Thème, to make it what it is today. The idea was to create two different time spaces. The entrance was created in a way that the visitor would find himself in front of a “abandonned barn” facade. Why ? To give him the desire to come in and discover more, obviously. But those who would risk the adventure need to watch out, getting in is prohibited…

Escape during a timeless break

Behind the “Do not cross line”, you get into an abandonned laboratory of a researcher with a passion for the Moon and its theories. Between old board hung on the wall and rusty materials, Twodesigners and its team created a shift in time to offer the best experience possible. To merge excellent food quality and aesthetical setting, especially conceived to appeal, is to promise the visitors that they will experience something they won’t forget any time soon ! Pictures credits : Halo Studio.

A full undertook universe