Liège, Belgium

Implanted in Liège, BEA S.A, conceives and produces solutions of detection for automatic doors, they also have products for access control, industrial doors and persons transportation. Our team stepped in to help them reflect at best their image, by creating a tailored showroom. 

The company had two main demands: the first one was to create a production that differenciate them from their competition. The second one was to design a showroom that would have an impact on their clients.

Conception of a showroom for the BEA company.

Tailored showrooms are unique creations that expect a creative response. For BEA, we had to mix aesthetics with technicity. The objective of the design was to make it match the company’s personnality, while integrating advanced technology.


For the harmony of the materials, the volumes and the lighting, we wanted to create an aesthetic and functional space. To acheive that, we selected the following materials: pine, laminate, stickering as well as cloth for the curtains. This space accurately translates the marketing strategy of BEA.


A unique creation from A to Z

The final result is a mix of aesthetic and functionality.