Liège, Belgique

Ancion Global Business & Law Firm is a law firm, but also a service of experts who help and give some advice and solutions to company projects.

For its singular and disruptive brand image, the firm called on Twodesigners and its creative designers’ team.

In such a formal environment, Ancion Global Business & Law Firm wished to bring to its firm a young, attractive and multidisciplinary image, while showing their savoir-faire and expertise.

Therefore, Twodesigners imagined a dynamic corporate identity that would show sobriety and professionalism, pillars of the law firm.

A colourful logo

At the root of the project are four partners. Others have joined later on, and the list of partners will grow even more in the future.

The initial idea was to create a logo, a sort of coat of arms constituted with the first letter of each partner’s name. A bright colour is associated with each letter to accentuate them in the logo.

The result? Twodesigners succeeded in creating an identity that gets off the usual codes of law firms. It catches attention and symbolises a strong and innovating concept.

A disruptive identity out of the ordinary

A more neutral version of the logo is available, it adapts itself to any other actors gravitating around or within the project. The logo has been therefore imagined to be adjustable.

The company’s name is written with modern typography and in lowercase to highlight the young and dynamic aspect that Ancion Global Business & Law Firm wanted.