Brasserie {C}

Liège, Belgium

Everyone in Liège knows Curtius beer. It is brewed at Brasserie C, equally known for its magnificent setting, along the Bueren mountain and its countless steps. It is in the cradle of this beer, which is typical of Liège, that our team came to work upon the refurbishing and interior design of the board room on the top floor of this beautiful building.

The main aim was to make it into a modular room, which would equally accommodate dining, having a drink or the organising of meeting and seminars.

A space that can adapt to any situation.

It was important to imbue this top floor with an aspect that is both bright and cosy, while still using easily movable elements, to be able to use the room according to any purpose required of it.

Tailor-made furnishings were also specially designed to be able to accommodate a screen, storage and to present the brasserie’s flagship products.

Storage made practical and aesthetically pleasing

The space is now completely suitable for professional use, without losing any of the site’s atmosphere. That would meld the useful with the pleasant.

Renaud Pirotte, cofounder of Brasserie {C} with François Dethier.