Chamber of Commerce

Liège, Belgium

In 2016, the Chamber of Commerce moved premises to the heart of the Standard Liège stadium. A perfect opportunity to revisit its working organisation and project a more modern image. It therefore entrusted us with a concept for the interior design of this new space, drawing inspiration from the CCI, yet proposing a fresh approach to working together.

To avoid a too radical transition for workers used to private offices, we have opted for a hybrid solution. We did this by proposing a succession of enclosed and open spaces, which naturally shape the area and its use. A minimum of partitions for the maximum of working together, without sacrificing spaces dedicated to calm and concentration.

Spaces in which to collaborate.

Furthermore, this solution allows maximum benefit from natural light coming in from an immense bay window running the whole length of the building.

Finally, a very spacious meeting area punctuates the space and allows for relaxation, dining and provides a fine alternative to the conference room for informal meetings.

Making the transition to New Ways of Working.

The materials and the established and omnipresent design promote working together and accomplishment, as do the coloured furnishings with the raw industrial environment of this football stadium. The designer chandeliers are signed by Marset. The totality constitutes our modernised vision of this dynamic organisation at the heart of local commercial exchanges.

Christophe Mausen helped us in designing this working space.