Office design

Rue Lantin, Liège

Eurofides, located rue de Lantin in Liège, is a company specializing in credit management. This team, which has more than 40 employees and 60 independent conciliators, aims to help clients recover their late payments with the utmost respect.

Eurofides called on Twodesigners and its antihero team to design and fit out its new offices. The mission for Twodesigners and Eurofides was therefore to be able to fit out office spaces, concentration areas, call center areas, a cafeteria and mixed spaces, all over approximately 800 m2 and for 80 people.

Eurofides’s particular expectation was to have modern offices with a touch of whimsy. Our team of designers has therefore taken care to add playful touches throughout the building.

The different work areas have all been worked on to take into account user needs as much as possible while keeping in mind the desire of management to create new offices where people want to come and work.

Twodesigners worked on spaces connecting originality, color, aesthetics and functionality.

Modern & Colorful

Our antiheroes team opted for sober walls, mostly white, because the custom-designed furniture and some areas already provided touches of color.

It was therefore important to be able to create spaces for concentration and spaces for informal meetings while maintaining optimal circulation and perfect acoustics.

The kitchen, for its part, adopts a credenza with a pepy tone and warmer tones. Wood, metal, black, gray for a friendly atmosphere in a space that is the central point of gathering and conviviality. Our interior designers paid particular attention to the details of this space, which is very important for the team of Didier Zovi and Cédric Carabin.

For each space, a new style

This space is indeed a very important place for Eurofides, which already had a cafeteria serving as a meeting place and exchange between colleagues, so the news had to be just as practical, but also, and above all, aesthetic and cozy. Successful challenge!

Eye for detail