High school
Léonard de Vinci
Creative School Lab

Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium

The Leonardo da Vinci High School in Louvain-La-Neuve trains future teachers. Conscious of the need to adapt to new, collaborative learning methods, it appealed to our team for the design of a creative lab, a space totally dedicated to students and teamwork.

During meetings with the students and the teaching staff at the school, we found out that the students are in the habit of taking over free areas of the corridors to improvise working sessions on their common projects. So then, rather than limiting the lab to an enclosed area at the establishment, we came to the conclusion that we should upgrade these areas, by developing the lab into a sort of cobweb, which radiates that concept throughout the entire school.

Upgrading the passage areas.

The concept consists therefore of a multitude of hubs spread out over the school’s 4 floors. This partitioning takes its inspiration from a gradual evolution of involvement in work, illustrated by functionalities, which become more and more comprehensive, as one approaches the centrepiece on the 4th floor.

Thus, the ground floor introduces the concept with an informal meeting place for spontaneous, day-to-day exchanges. The 1st and 2nd floor have the same function, to which co-creation has been added, by using the dedicated working media. The ideation area, isolated and quiet on the top floor, offers the most comprehensive functionalities, its small, well-lit and cosy amphitheatre making it the idea spot for brainstorming sessions or pitches. Meetings there last longer and concentration is much improved. It is topped off, finally, by the mezzanine, which overlooks the library and offers comfort and serenity to students to rest or read amid the calm.

Being able to study in comfort and serenity.

The materials, both functional and decorative, are repeated over different levels to create a global unity. Perforated panels allow the hanging of slates for brainstorming, but can be turned the other way to encourage creativity among the students. The white lacobel allows the jotting down of notes with a marker.

One part of the team allowed us to identify the requirements.