La Foire du Livre

Brussels, Belgium

The Foire du Livre, held on the site of Tour & Taxis in Brussels, has become, over the space of 50 years, the reference point for large and small. For the exhibition 1,2,3… Houses!, a pleasant and playful spot needed to be imagined. This is why our team of team of designers came into play and picked up the challenge of laying out a cocoon of dreams for children.

The principle was simple, it was required of Twodesigners to design and then build a hamlet consisting of eight houses. At the centre of this village is to be found a playful construction, which is to say, a village green. At this spot, children could gather to read and learn. It is dressed with bins of books, as well as lights to illuminate everything.

The objective of this exhibition 1,2,3… Houses! was to showcase eight Belgian publishing houses. Each of them represented by a youth illustrator. To give this more vim, we used the principle of reprography.

The term “house” is the key word for this exhibition, which is why we have associated each publisher with one room of the house or an object to be found there.

Each publisher, associated with an element of the house

The eight publishers:

  1. “À pas de loups” (On tiptoes): the kitchen by François Rogier
  2. Alice Jeunesse: the loft, by Ian De Haes 
  3. Casterman Jeunesse: the room, by Anne Herbaut
  4. COTCOTCOT : the wardrobe, by Anne Crahay
  5. Esperluete: the bathroom, by Geneviève Casterman
  6. Mijade: the garden, by Annick Masson
  7. Pastel: the stairs, by Émile Jadoul
  8. Versant Sud Jeunesse: the sitting room, by Marine Schneider