La grand Poste

Liège, Belgique

It is in a friendly and warm afterwork atmosphere that the Rooftop of La Grand Poste was designed. The materials are warm, the atmosphere is a bit dark at the end of the day. The lighting bathes the space in an intimate atmosphere.

The furniture has been custom designed to highlight the beautiful view of the Meuse, you can sit on platforms facing the windows, comfortably seated on cushions in shimmering colors, designed for the project.

An open and friendly space which offers the most beautiful view of Liège

Ultra-colorful minimalist illustrations adorn the bar, the metal structures above the stands, the upper part of the shop, and the personalized cushions. The colors of the visuals match the chairs, shelves and bench.

A luminous stall is intended for events

The metal chairs that adorn the bar were designed in collaboration with Atelier J&J, which then welded them from their workshop in Brussels. The opportunity for our agency to dive back into our past as object designers, for the duration of a project

The most beautiful view of Liège