La Grappe d'Or

Torgny, Belgium

Owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant and the hotel la Grappe d’Or, Clément Petitjean called on Twodesigners for the interior design of his 4-star rooms. We had to renovate the place while keeping the basic structure of the hotel already existing.

For the layout of the rooms of la Grappe d’Or, we had to respect the prerogatives imposed by the 4-star hotel. As usual for our interior design, we had to keep in mind the constraints and needs of the customers, as well as the desires of Clément Petitjean. Therefore, we had to optimize the space of each room, without skimping on the aesthetic and comfortable side of hotel rooms.

Four seasons for four bedrooms

To offer customers a comfortable and beautiful look, we opted for a floor change, replacing the old tiles with carpets. The spaces are now covered in metallic structures, to bring a contemporary touch without breaking the authentic appearance of the place. Finally, Twodesigners chose indirect lighting to accentuate the comfort and aesthetics of the layout.

Throughout the interior design of the hotel rooms in La Grappe d’Or, we were inspired by Martin Dellicour’s pictures, who is specialized in the photographs of nature in its wild state. It was very important for us to advocate a simple and refined aspect for the hotel, which the photographer knows quite well to transcribe through his creations.

What inspired us the most were the images of Martin from the four seasons, which he took in the Belgian Ardennes, each time in the same place. These magnificent wallpaper photographs can be found in four of the rooms of Clément Petitjean’s hotel. These seasonal inspirations dictated the colorimetry of each room.


Seasonal colorimetry.

The challenge of the interior design of la Grappe d’Or hotel rooms has therefore been met with softness, refinement and aesthetics for the team of Twodesigners!