Maison Alexandre

Rocourt, Belgium

La Maison Alexandre is an art gallery. It offers as well a service of experts who help new buyers of Contemporary Art, by giving them advice and offering renting or buying services.

The art gallery La Maison Alexandre trusted Twodesigners for its brand image, with the instruction to evoke the art and the sale of prestige through the graphic charter.

The graphic concept was to express the singularity of the gallery thanks to a monogram. The logo symbolises a strong emblem which expresses notions of Contemporary Art and of the renowned house. La Maison Alexandre highlights the balance between advice and expertise, characteristics of the art gallery.

An identity inspired by contemporary art

The use of the typography Priori Acute Ot Serif for the « A » of the logo shows a letter with an old aspect, but whose perspective seems impossible. This feature symbolises a contemporary art inspired by the past while modernising itself to create surprise and innovation.

There are four versions of the logo, available with a black or white background, in yellow, black or white.

Due to its perceptive, the «A» of the logo can serve as a graphic sign for the compositions of the different media. It can be placed straddling an image or on a block. Therefore, it is easily recognizable.

The visual identity is built around a black and white contrast, embellished by a tonic yellow. By this, it stands out and attracts the eye.

A logo as adaptable as can be

The pictures are mostly used in black and white for the compositions of different communication medium. Coloured flat tints with geometric shapes (mostly rectangular) can be added to the compositions for even more dynamism.