Lol & Pop
Candy store

Liège, Belgique

When the challenge of imagining a candy and confectionery store arrives in a space agency, it is always a challenge that the creative team is looking forward to meeting. Especially when you have a free quarter to think outside the box.

Our team took up the challenge of creating a brand image and space development for the new Lol & Pop store in Liège.

Twodesigners is very proud to present the concept that has been imagined and created!

Special attention was paid to the new brand image and logo before imagining the space.

A round typo to remind the sweetness of sweets associated with pep colors for the tart side.

All these elements being placed in different ways in space, it allows to immerse customers in the universe of Lol & Pop.

Softness and color!

More than just a candy store, we imagined a real “concept store” offering a gourmet and quality image.

The use of pastel colors accented with more flash notes makes it possible to present a comforting universe. The tart side of the candy is brought by certain materials and colors.

In addition to the brand image, a custom-designed central counter allows circulation throughout the space and directs visitors to other furniture that incorporates displays for bulk sweets, candy candy or cookie packets like Lol & Pop.

A sweet world
A new logo