Grocery store

Rue Saint-Giles, Liège

The Epicerie Fine Lucullus, located in rue Saint-Gilles in Liège, called on Twodesigners to create the ambiance and the daring interior design of its store and the Kidnap Your Designer team for the identity art deco brand.

The challenge of this collaboration between our antihero team and the Lucullus Fine Food Store was to keep access to the apartments above the store while keeping the store open.

The furniture in this daytime access “corridor” therefore had to be mobile once the store was closed and the separation shutter lowered.

For the rest our team of designers and interior architects wanted to highlight the fine products of the grocery store.

Particular attention has therefore been paid to the creation of tailor-made furniture to take advantage of the superb renovated space.

Beautiful and tailor-made

How can we not devote an entire space to these premium nectars and these drinkable wines, seeing such beautiful bottles tempt us for an aperitif or a great time with friends?

The materials and tones were therefore chosen for the noble side and distinguished like the products in the grocery store. Oak veneer, hammered glass and matt black highlighted by sober lighting allow a perfect association with brick walls and parquet.

Custom-made central furniture

An authentic and fresh atmosphere so that the preparation of the aperitif is already a moment of pleasure!

Alexandre de Chestret