Ma Campagne
Graphic work

Brussels, Belgium

The history of the meeting between Twodesigners and Makisu goes back to 2012, before the opening of the brand’s first restaurant in Brussels. Antoine and Laurie were returning from a world tour, with the firm intention of introducing to the people of Brussels those flavours which they had discovered during the course of their travels.

From this meeting was born the graphic design universe which retraces a part of their long voyage. You can find in this universe their passion for “makis” and “sushis” with a touch of sunshine, a wink towards their passing through California.

Six years later, the brand had created a toehold in the capital and opened a third restaurant.

A new adventure to be recounted graphically.

More imposing and more mature in its choices of material, this restaurant’s architecture bears witness to this evolution. A challenge for us to face in our work on the graphics, which had to blend in with the total interior design.

This new graphic fresco is a “hommage” to Makisu’s history, which picks up on codes and bears witness to its evolution. It represents Makisu radiating outwards, illustrated by the mid-Pacific birth of a new peninsula. The cradle of the Makisu tribe, where east and west come together, Asia and California, the sheer essence of the brand.

The meeting-point of Asia and California.

A universe dedicated to nature via those materials closest to the ground. It consists of wood cut print elements and placed upon bare earth, which covers the walls, thus creating embossing and depth. A new, visual “hommage” to “The sunny side of sushi” falls within the tradition of the image used for the Makisu brand.

Laurie and Antoine Cambier, captains on board.