Concept store

Liège, Belgium

The famous store Milk from Liège moves out ! Having already worked once with Twodesigners, Soufiane and his team naturally asked Twodesigners for the layout of their new store.

Milk moved out and is now in Diminicains street in the hypercenter of Liège. They sell trendy and fashionable clothes to their new and loyal clients, always looking for new inspirations.


Soufiane wanted to change the store display while keeping the concept developped in the last Milk store. In the layout of the first store, we wanted that the concept of the store would be reshaped for different surfaces or places, in the idea of opening other stores in the future with the same identity. Ideal ! The new layout was then made easier.
The layout of that surface proved us that the concept was adaptable without weakening the image of “MILK”. The store keeps it’s identity and the team is more than happy about it.
The original cashier stays the same.
Our team of designers and interior architects gave it all to overcome the different challenges that stood in front of us for this project. The renewing of the building from another architect was harder than expected. We then had to start from a building with nothing to a finished layed out store.
We discussed a lot with the different collaborators that were working on the Milk project; between discussions and rough sketches directly on the construction site, all that in short span of time, that took us out of our “set” habits.

All the codes for the layout of the store were set at the first layout concept of Milk.

We kapt this game of curves that we previously created; element that can be found in the whole layout. The furniture also stay the same, there was just to rethink the disposition et the balance that would be given to the new space. It was needed that the placement and the layout of the shop be pertinent, to offer Soufiane and his team the possibility to display all the products and clothes that they need to expose.

We played with strong tones such as green, mixed with some pink thet softens it. We kept the “neo-retro” lighting it the same goal of mixing the best from the modern era and the ancient era.


Shelf in the Milk style
Soufiane, owner of Milk.