Liège, Belgium

Set in a spacious former townhouse in the “Le Carré” quarter of Liège, Milk is three storeys of commercial surface entirely dedicated to the most iconic streetwear brands. A few months ago, its manager contacted us to revamp his store’s layout. He hoped to increase the sales surface, reorganise it and offer a new experience to his clientele.

That building’s cachet in Liège influenced reflections on the layout. Its fine materials and remarkable features, such as the stairwell, visible even upon entering the store, had a major impact upon the project. It was therefore important to meld this old character, while still offering a more modern aspect to chime in with the universe of Milk and its streetwear.

Meeting of the old and the contemporary.

We took our inspiration from the curves of that astonishing spiral staircase in the store’s new layout. For each of the fittings, whether it be the counter or the mirrors, that curvature is always there. That blends in with the designs for the wallpaper, as well as the metal used, to create the geometric atmosphere and the modern graphics.

FInally, the light fittings bring a touch of the “neo-retro”, in response to our wish to combine the best of the old and the modern. Overall, a complementarity is created, which reinforces the coherence of the whole store. For ease of organisation, the store is divided up into zones, each one of them responding to a particular function, to increase the impact. A “sneakers” space at the entrance for enthusiasts, a jeans zone in a dedicated room, a Carhartt zone, a space for booths, etc. Furthermore, grilled exhibiting modules take the place of mannequins to bring attention back to the product itself.

Creating a space in line with the purchasing experience.

Everything in total constitutes our vision of what a store needs to offer these days to be enticing. Shopping is an experience, the space in which it occurs must match it.

Soufiane, the manager, wished for a stronger identity at her store.