Néobulles & Bière des amis

Battice, Belgique

Anne Stassen, Philippe Stassen and their companies Néobulles, Vitamines Agency and Bière des amis trusted our team of antiheroes for the interior design of their new offices located in Outre-Cour, Herve-Battice.

It is here that brands such as Kidibul, La Bière des amis and Vintense dealcoholized wines are marketed for export. A grouping of products and companies that should be able to fit into this new space.

It was therefore necessary to reflect on the planning, circulation and separation of space in order to be able to create the different types of office spaces.

Following this study, our designer team was therefore able to position volumes and spaces, taking care to alternate closed and open offices.

A redesigned volume

This alternation made it possible to create 2 mezzanines with offices and to integrate closed meeting rooms under these spaces.

All while maintaining optimal circulation and a neat aesthetic.

Given the nature of the products distributed by Néobulles, a tailor-made bar was one of the essential elements in these new offices. It was necessary to be able to use this space as a cafeteria, but also, and above all, to be able to present the products of the range.

Particular attention was therefore also paid to this space which very quickly became a place of exchange and conviviality for teams and salespeople.

The bar is open !

The enhancement of the products had to reflect their quality, so ergonomics and technique merged with the choice of materials and aesthetics to create THE bar the whole team dreamed of!

Anne Stassen