Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium

One year after the inauguration of Nest, the need for a new space encouraging meetings, collaboration and creativity was felt by the users. From which was born the idea of OFFbar, which consists of a meeting-place between the worlds of work and of relaxation. Inspired by their reciprocal requirements, we conceived the space to foster exchanges and collaboration.

The layout at OFFbar possesses its own characteristics to mark its unique character, while still subscribing to the global cohesion of the Creative Spark building.

Meeting-point between the worlds of work and of relaxation.

With diversity of working spaces as a recurrent theme, each zone has been thought through, so as to respond in the best manner to the function allocated to it.

The creative and cosy atmosphere of the bar and the lounges reinforces conviviality, while the open space and the work zones offer comfort and quietness to its users.

Frescoes by Oli-B.
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