Pop-Up Speakeasy

Liège, Belgium

For the third time running, the Chamber of Commerce for Liège-Verviers and Namur entrusted us with the delicate task of designing the overall scenography, as well as the visual identity of its most important networking event, the unmissable Pop-Up.

This event, which stimulates business meetings in a relaxed atmosphere, attracts a large number of different businesses coming from all over Wallonia.

Immerse yourself in the world of Prohibition.

With the format of the event almost unchanged, the challenge lay in rising to previous sessions. Namely, imagining and designing a large-scale decor on a given theme. Once again, it was necessary to plunge visitors into an original and cosy world, conceived to facilitate meetings and exchanges.

After the universes of safaris and that of westerns from previous sessions, here we were plunged, almost a century earlier, into discovering speakeasies, those clandestine bars, where alcohol gushed in the greatest secrecy, during the Prohibition Era. Each element of scenography, each detail of graphic line, as well as the different visuals have been imagined, so that the experience would be as arresting as it was memorable.

Creating a memorable experience.

We would like to express our thanks to all those involved, as well as the Chamber of Commerce for their faith in this crazy project.

Playing around with the details.