Liège, Belgium

Relab is a fablab, a place open to the public where all sorts of tools are made available for the design and making of objects. After 2 years of renovation of the Lombard 1 building by Meusinvest, Relab found its original setting again. Its layout had been completely rethought by our team of interior designers.

“A collaborative space allowing people to meet and for the implementation of personal or professional projects.” This is what nourished our reflections while proposing a space that would be both functional and convivial.

Thinking about a meeting space.

Relab is a fascinating spot and we did not wish that the ubiquity of machinery at the prototype stage should be a brake upon the cosy atmosphere, which we had imagined.

On the contrary, our choice revolved around a combination of raw and convivial materials, as if it were a fully-fledged bar. The functional aspect and conviviality were inseparable for us, to make the spot more accessible.

Functionality inseparable from conviviality.

All of the creative process took place on the ground floor, where the bar rubbed shoulders with the machinery, such as 3D printers or laser cutters. The heaviest and messiest work is limited to the lower level, to assure ease of use for each space.

Bryan is in charge of Relab on a day-to-day basis.