Liège, Belgium

To celebrate its fortieth anniversary, RTC, the Liège TV Station had a makeover with the application of new decor for its major filming studio. We picked up the gauntlet enthusiastically and dodged technical constraints to offer a new environment for filming on this channel. A more airy and modern decor for where the channel’s flagship broadcasts are made.

More modern, yet also more flexible, the decor has been optimised, so that the potentially different angles are better exploited. From now on, the presenters are able to position themselves at different spots around the table, as a function of the desired atmosphere, or the broadcast’s theme.

Playing around with the viewing angles.

The decor’s backlighting also allows changes in colour to reinforce the various atmospheres. Finally, the choice of a high-gloss, black floor contrasts with the white of the studio. This shiny finish reflects the decor, to provide greater depth.

Reinforcing the different atmospheres through backlighting.