Liège, Belgium

Based in Liège, Samtech is the engineering department of Siemens. Our team of interior designers took the challenge of creating their cafeteria that follows along the path of the image of their work in the new space engineering systems.


We were asked to design a cafeteria in a Scandinavian style. We had some freedom for the conception, so we wanted to give them a warm and exotic space.

The objective was to make the cafeteria appealing to the employees

To meet their demands, we chose hanging lamps to imitate the planets in orbit in outer space. We adapted the placement of materials, colors and additional lighting according to the place and the machines (water dispenser, coffee machine, …) that were already there.

Some wood, some perforated wood screen, some plants, some coating foam for the benches, some details and some perfect alignment; everything to meet Samtech’s demands while respecting a contemporary choice and making sure the whole room remains quiet and peaceful. To achieve that, we chose to reduce the echoing to the least by putting wooden slats on the walls all around the cafeteria. We wanted to give an aero spatial vibe to the ambience of the place by playing with the colours and lighting from Nordlux.

A pleasant place to meet up with colleagues.

The finality, airy and luminous, allows the employees at Samtech to meet up during breaks in a welcoming and warm space.