Organic Fast Food

Brussels, Belgium

At Seedz, you eat healthily and fast. This organic caterer offers the people of Brussels a balanced alternative to meals-on-the-go or takeaways. From breakfast to weekend brunches, Seedz offers a wide variety of products for your delectation, provided that they are local and in season.

To make the universe at Seedz a reality, our team took inspiration from the project’ very essence. Namely, the seeds that are part of the brand across all its media, in a setting that we wanted to be fresh and convivial.

The “fast-good” of organic food.

The identity and the interior design show the business’s values: simplicity, freshness, conviviality, taste and nature.

The defined white spaces are dynamised by pink and blue, steel meets the warmth of wood, the tiling is dressed with soft cushions, while greenery arrives to animate the whole project.

At Seedz, it is all a question of balance.