Rue de la Loi

Brussels, Belgium

Smartwork owns two co-working spaces in Brussels, situated in Place de la Monnaie and Rue de la Loi. Co-working consists mainly of working together. It is based on the principles of exchanges, collaboration and autonomy.

To respond to the ever growing demand for co-working, Smartwork’s wish has been, from the start, to offer maximum flexibility to its users via access to different smart-working centres in the capital.

Spaces adapted for collaboration.

This is a manner of working somewhat apart, which therefore requires adapted spaces allowing everyone to make progress in comfort and conviviality.

On this basis, the layout was conceived, with the aim of offering the co-workers a place to work, but also a place to live, capable of responding to all their needs: meeting rooms, kitchen, chill-out corners, spaces to concentrate in, collaborative working areas, etc.

A place to work, but also a place to live.

From now on, co-workers can work and organise their meetings at the space of L42, rue de la Loi, whose interior design takes its inspiration from Smartwork’s values, yet has its own identity.