Theux, Belgium

Active all over Belgium and a true pioneer of the turnkey home, T.PALM is a general construction company. Our team of designers was called in to refurbish the showroom and the company’s reception area and thus optimise the space intended for clients.

The first objective was to shine a light upon the materials and the solutions that the business offers to its clients in the creation of their home. We therefore reimagined T.PALM’s interior fittings from top to bottom, to optimise space, while still guaranteeing free movement for all.

A refurbishment allowing the welcoming of clients into an optimised space.

To which was added, as an additional requirement, the task of decorating and creating an atmosphere to suit T.PALM’s image. To fine- tune the wall coverings, we created a fresco, recalling the business’s key moments. We also opted for comfortable furnishings, in a contemporary style, which blends in perfectly with the architecture. Prosoria chairs were chosen for the reception area for their comfort and design. To finish, Twodesigners highlighted the signage and the graphic design equally.

The refurbishment of this space was reflected upon in advance in a strategic manner, intrinsically to convey the culture, identity and the soul of the company. Yet also to create new, comfortable spaces for employees and visitors alike. 

Refurbishment in line with T.PALM

A light fitting signed by Vibia Halo