The Huggy's Bar

Namur, Belgique

Created almost 10 years ago by Thomas Mémurlin and Roberto Navarro, The Huggy’s Bar is a restaurant “Easygourmet” born in Liège and then set up everywhere in Wallonia and Brussels. Its two creators turned to us to design their 11th restaurant in Namur.

For those who don’t know yet (really ?! You don’t know the famous Huggy’s Bar ?), the “THB”, if you want to be formal, offers a total of 43 burgers, all available to the tastes and desideratas of everyone ! Here is a good reason to satisfy the whole family.

Thomas and Roberto got into the adventure after a big trip to the United States. Therefore, the design and the interior architecture naturally reminds the Uncle Sam, bearing in mind our own country: we can see everywhere the colors of our national flag !

Here is an overview of the interior design work realized by our wonderful team of interior architects in collaboration with Atelier H Architecture.

Bricks, metal, exposed blowers, wood, retro lamps, parts of subway tiled walls, … Everything is thought out down to the smallest detail in an assumed and mastered New York industrial style!

What could be more enjoyable than this atmosphere to enjoy real homemade burgers ?

A mastered skill

In order to stimulate the spirits as well as to bring dynamism and movement, the color orange has imposed itself in association with wood and black metal.

And what could be better than sharing a great time with family or friends well installed on these tailor-made benches?

The Huggy’s Bar has its own beers (yes, you read that right ! They were even created with the Brasserie C) and its team used the notion of “beer-pairing”. The customer is invited to consume this or that beer with its hamburger.

It therefore seemed obvious to us to associate a wall dedicated to these beers with the interior design.

Not an ordinary menu

The restaurant has a wide variety of burgers on its menu, our team of designers has created 5 graphics that illustrate these different choices. Because yes, at Twodesigners, there is also an outstanding team of graphic designers!

So, what are you hungry for?

Best burger in town, as we told you !