¡ Toma !

Liège, Belgique

The starred chef Thomas Troupin, well known for his gastronomic talents, has opened his new restaurant in an enchanting setting in the center of Liège. The particularity of this project lies in its intention to offer an immersive kitchen concept.

¡Toma! called on the creative team of Twodesigners to create its identity and design the interior design of its new place of culinary expression.

Twodesigners has put itself at the service of the concept of immersive cuisine. Thomas no longer wanted to take the customer away from the process of creating a dish.

Rather, it is about bringing the customer into a new culinary and creative experience in which they will take an active part.

Everything is in details

Twodesigners was given the challenge of minimizing the interventions, sometimes considered too intrusive, of the servers.

Each table and module making up the dining room has been made to measure in order to literally bring the kitchen into the dining room and the dining room into the kitchen.

The cook having the possibility of finishing his dish directly at the table. In these made-to-measure tables, a space is specially reserved for the cutlery that will be used during the meal. This again reduces service-related interventions.

The inspiration at the heart of the project is based on the vision of a cuisine that is simple, raw, noble and that tries to get closer to the natural state of things.

The interior design of the restaurant had to highlight this aspect. With warm colors inspired by minerals, like charcoal black, and raw, but noble materials, such as burnt wood or lime, Twodesigners wanted to take customers on a journey in Toma’s culinary style.

From the tab le to the menu

Thomas Troupin having a very contrasting and yet so unique culinary style, this contrast was to be found in the layout: the dark tones are counterbalanced by more feminine and softer colors such as terra-cotta or even salmon which immediately catch the eye. .

The room, the saddler as well as the terrace have been arranged to offer the most immersive experience possible. The garden is made up of a wood fire and a vegetable garden in accordance with Thomas Troupin’s wish to return to more primitive cuisine based on local products.

The chef Thomas Troupin