Namur, Belgium

TRAKK is a creative hub in Namur, which is a multi-disciplinary space for co-creation, whose aim is to encourage the emergence of creative projects across Namur and beyond. With our partners at Altiplan and Arcadis, we have responded to the appeal for an offering, aiming to create a building entirely dedicated to TRAKK’s activities. Unfortunately, our proposal won second place in this competition and will not therefore be created. Nevertheless, we share it with you.

TRAKK’s mission is to encourage meetings and exchanges between people and organisations coming from the worlds of art, entrepreneurship, science and new technologies. Our collaboration is therefore oriented towards the creation of a place dedicated to these values and formed of a multitude of spaces with their own functions: Fablabs, meeting areas, meeting room, workshop, experimental kitchen, exhibition room, chill out area, etc.

Meeting one another and having exchanges in spaces with creative emulsions.

Furthermore, TRAKK is a place for creating things and where experimentation is at the core of the creative process. We therefore wanted that each space should offer a polyvalence to its users, while still recommending that they benefit as much as possible from the zones allocated to specific functions. By causing users to travel across the different levels to benefit from these functions, we were able to stimulate meetings and the desired exchanges. That would also permit the control of all activities and potentially avoid getting in each other’s way.

From the architectural point of view, our team wanted to promote simple lines, natural light and greenery. It was necessary for the building to integrate perfectly into its environment, both urban, yet on the leafy outskirts, bordering the Meuse. It was also necessary that the building should stimulate the curiosity of passers-by and make them want to go in. Glass and the transparency it offers rapidly became necessary to dress the different facades to complement the metal barges.

Stimulating the curiosity of passers-by through architecture.

We are very pleased with this new collaboration with our partners, for which the notion of a creative space was integrated from the very start, following reflections upon the building’s overall concept. Even if the project will not see the light of day, we rejoice in the arrival of such spaces in Wallonia and thank our partners for the work that they did. Congratulations to the winners!