W Food

Namur, Belgium

The W Food Festival was created from the meeting of gourmets and Michelin-starred chefs, who had gathered to demonstrate their expertise to the public over a weekend dedicated to the gastronomy of Wallonia and its rich, local dishes. We had been charged with creating the event’s visual identity, as well as its scenography.

W Food festival is one weekend dedicated to Walloon gastronomy in Namur.

The poster for the festival was a “hommage” to the Walloon area and its produce, which abounds. This locality embodies the chefs’ raw materials, which is sometimes overlooked by the public. We wanted to showcase this with a presentation in the style of a Still Life. The logo “W” is that of “Generation W”, which initiated the event.

Facilitating movement.

For the scenography, we chose to found the festival’s universe upon the exceptional environment which hosted it, the Citadel of Namur. We had therefore opted for wood, to create this cosy atmosphere, which would accompany the visitor throughout his adventure in tasting. The graphic signage brings a touch of colour and freshness, ensuring ease of movement over the area.

We would like to thank all those involved, as well as Jehanne Moll for his photos of Sunday and the Audace au pluriel store for the loan of the marble plate.

Gastronomy and music.