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EyeD Pharma

Interior Design
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EyeD Pharma’s brand new offices, located in Liège’s Science Park, are the result of more than two years’ collaboration between our team and EyeD’s team. The main challenge of this project was to create modern, user-friendly and functional offices, optimising every available square metre. Twodesigners chose unique materials and textures, combined with innovative design, to offer users a cosy and warm working environment that invites creativity and collaboration. 

The workspaces have been carefully designed to meet the specific and technical needs of the pharmaceutical team, while providing a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere that encourages employee well-being. The graphics have been designed to take account of the different characteristics of the ophthalmology industry, using codes and visual elements relevant to this sector. Our team is proud to have contributed to the creation of such a unique and inspiring working environment.