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High school creative lab – interior design

Co-learning at school

HEVINCI_Amenagement creative school lab par Twodesigners

A part of the team who helped us to understand what was important for the students.

The Leonard de Vinci high school in Louvain-La-Neuve trains future teachers. In order to meet the new modes of collaborative learning, our team was aimed to design a creative lab, an area dedicated to students and teamwork.

Our talks with students and teachers made us discover that the students used to take over the free areas of the school corridors to improvise their daily working sessions. So we came up with the idea that instead of limiting the lab to a restricted area of ​​the building, we should re-design these spaces and improve their comfort of work. We wanted to make the concept radiate throughout the scool in the manner of a spider web with the co-creation in its center. The creative school lab is therefore made up of a multitude of hubs on each of the 4 levels of the school. Its distribution is inspired by a progressive evolution of the work engagement shown by the rising fonction level as we’re getting closer to the main creative hub on the third stage.

The ground floor introduces the concept through an informal meeting area for spontaneous and daily exchanges. The 1st and 2nd floors respond to the same function to which is added the co-creation with dedicated work supports. The quiet ideation room on the top floor offers the most complete features, its small bright and cozy amphitheater is the perfect space for brainstorming sessions or pitching. The meetings in there are longer and the concentration is greater. It is finally completed by the mezzanine which overlooks the library and offers comfort and serenity to students wanting to rest or read a book.

The materials, both functional and decorative, are repeated on the different zones to create a global unity. The perforated panels allow the suspension of the brainstorming supports but can also be used in many other ways according to the student creativity. The lacobel allows to take notes of any idea they have.


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