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La Grand Poste

Interior Design
Graphic Design
Furniture Design
Planning & Strategy

The interior design of La Grand Poste in Liège is a major project. This unique venue has been both preserved and modernised to become a showcase for creative initiatives and  to host local and international events.  The central hall is designed to be open and welcoming, with removable benches that allow the space to be modulated according to need, changing from a reception area to a conference zone. The coworking space, also known as the “flexzone”, offers a variety of working options, from shared tables to “dedicated” offices that can be privatised by businesses and professionals.

The furniture chosen is contemporary, with a sober, uncluttered decor offering a modern touch in a building steeped in history. The choice of colour is also carefully considered, with pastel shades of pink, blue, green and yellow to create a soft, timeless atmosphere. Finally, the graphic design of the space and offices blends images from the building’s archives with a contemporary visual treatment, adding a unique touch to this recently renovated building. In short, we chose to combine sobriety, modernity and colourful touches to create a pleasant and inspiring working environment.