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Makisu Ma Campagne – Wall graphic design

Telling graphic stories on a wall.


Laurie and Antoine Cambier love to open new restaurants because of the graphic walls we design for them.

The story of the meeting between Twodesigners and Makisu take us back in 2012, when Antoine and Laurie decided to create the first Makisu restaurant in Brussels. They were back from a trip around the world with the aim to make Brussels discover the flavors they had discovered during their travel.

From this meeting was born a graphic universe to told this adventure, the passion for makis and sushis with a sunny touch, a nod to California. Six years later, the brand has made its path trough the capital and inaugurates a third restaurant. A new adventure to tell with our graphic design. More spacious and made of more high ended materials, the interior architecture of this new restaurant reflects its evolution. A challenge for our graphic work we wanted to fit the entire interior design.

This new graphic wall pays tribute to the story of Makisu. It takes its graphic codes but talk the evolution of Makisu until its maturity. It represents the radiation of Makisu illustrated by the birth of a new peninsula, in the middle of the Pacific. The cradle of the Makisu’s tribe where the west and east are united, Asia and California, the essence of the project Makisu.

This new universe is dedicated to nature through materials closest to the earth. It’s composed of printed wooden elements fixed to the raw clay intended to create depth on the wall.

A new visual tribute to “The sunny side of sushi” to be part of the Makisu brand’s tradition.




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