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Meusinvest – Hub design

A tech hub is born in Liège.

Hugues Danze et Christine Xhauflaire Meusinvest-amenagement-hub-bureaux par Twodesigners

Christine Xhauflaire and Hugues Danze help us to imagine this new Meusinvest’s pole.

Meusinvest helps to finance SMEs and supports them in their development. Its offices on the Saint-Etienne place have now been extended to the neighboring building, the Lombard 1, fully renovated and modernized by the architect bureau Hebellinck and Wit.

The Meusinvest’s will through this new building is to become a hub dedicated to companies in the technological ecosystem, a digital district in the heart of the city of Liège. It will also host the Fablab which will re-enter the ground floor in the coming months after nearly 2 years of renovation work.

During the reflection about the future of the first floor, we were asked to design a multi-functional meeting space offering complementarity to the usual workstations. An area dedicated to exchange where Meusinvest’s workers could welcome candidate companies but also meet and talk about concepts and ideas.

Large windows floods the floor with natural light so we decide to take the most of it by making the choice of an open space. We created it around a central amphitheater composed of both fixed wooden furniture and rigid amovible foams to make it more modular. It is detached from workstations by wooden openwork dividers letting light pass by keeping quiet for the workers there. The furniture and the colors are warm and welcoming and an ​​ideation zone allows to take notes on Lacobel panels.

The meeting room is dedicated to formal meetings but also offers modular furniture for less static and more dynamic meetings.




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