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Relab – Fablab design

Fablab design in Liège.

2017-12-20-Bryan Stepien_Relab-manager_By-Twodesigners__DSC5001

Bryan is in charge of Relab, his advices are precious for those who want to make their project happen.

The Relab is a fablab, a place to find all kinds of tools for the design and the making of objects. After 2 years of renovation of the entire Lombard 1 by Meusinvest, the Relab finds its original case entirely refitted by our team of interior designers.

“A collaborative space allowing the meeting of people and the implementation of personal or professional projects”, here’s what drove our thought to propose a space as functional as convivial. The Relab is a fascinating place and we did not want all the prototyping machines to be a obstacle to the warm atmosphere we had imaged. Rather that, we chose a raw but warm combination of materials just like if it was a real bar. The functionality and conviviality were for us inseparable and made the Relab more friendly.

The entire creative process is done on the main board where the bar is alongside 3D printers or laser cut machines. Heavier and more messy jobs are limited to the level below to ensure the comfort of use of each space.


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