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Smartflats and Smartwork – Brand identity

Stay connected, stay smart.

When this client asked us to create the brand identity of Smartflats and Smartwork, we immediately perceived the challenge behind the ambitions of both two businesses in their respective markets. The brand identity had to be strong enough to fit these two independent but complementary entities.

The Smartflats apartments offer a modern alternative to hotels in Brussels, Antwerp and Liège and is based on giving more autonomy and comfort for its customers by a fully connected experience. It involves, of course, most of the high-quality services offered by premium hotels. Smartwork coworking spaces are inspired by the same values applied to the world of nomads working. Here’s the interior design works we’ve done for Smartwork Monnaie and Smartwork L41..

We developed a logo made of two elements: the symbol “S” associated with a dedicated font of character. The symbol is a powerful image of the culture of smart services. The font has been carefully chosen for its very readable, modern and refined style perfectly in agreement with both entities. The whole accompanied by corporate identity guidelines allowing to adapt to all the supports of communication.


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