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Michelin-starred chef Thomas Troupin opened his new restaurant in Liège, in a green setting close to the city centre. Twodesigners was commissioned to design the layout to showcase his immersive cuisine concept. The tables and all the furniture were custom-designed to offer guests a unique gastronomic experience. The balance between raw materials and soft colours helps to create a hushed, natural atmosphere that reflects the chef’s contrasting style.

With its human-scale volumes, entirely open kitchen and the focal point of the restaurant where you can admire the ballet of the team, the setting invites you to indulge yourself. The traditional wine cellar has been redesigned as a showcase for local produce and the chef’s divine preparations. The terrace and garden, which include a vegetable garden and outdooran kitchen, have also been converted to allow the experience to continue outside when the weather permits.

The image of Toma, as well as the menu and the cellar book, were designed by our graphics team. More than just an aesthetic gesture, this logo tells a whole story.